Family Visitation

Our Family Visitation supervises visitation between children and non-custodial parents and facilitates custody exchanges between parents who are not together, so that children can safely spend time with both parents while avoiding overt conflict, maintaining positive relationships with the significant adults in their lives, and reducing feelings of abandonment. We follow safety precautions with our families to ensure everyone is safe. 


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The rules and regulations: 

  1. All forms and releases in the application packet must be read, completed, and signed prior to visitations or exchanges taking place.  Deliberate misrepresentation or failure to disclose pertinent facts may result in termination of services at the discretion of the SFRC Director.
  2. Participants must arrive at the scheduled time, neither early nor late so that other families may visit uninterrupted and so that those parties whom SFRC, courts, DFS, or other official entities have determined should not be in contact with each other in the process of visitation in fact are not in contact in the process of dropping off or picking up the children and arriving for or leaving visits or exchanges.
  3. Participants must leave the premises at the scheduled times.  Participants are not to loiter in the building, in or around the parking area, or along the other party’s route to the visitation site, either before or after the visit or exchange.
  4. Visits or exchanges should be canceled only for compelling reasons.  SFRC should be notified as soon as it is known that the cancellation is necessary.  If travel is necessary, poor road conditions are a valid reason for cancellation.  The conditions should be verifiable by SFRC.
  5. Use of obscenities, obscene or threatening gestures, or other disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.  Nobody involved with the visit/exchange in any way should be followed, harassed, intimidated or verbally or physically assaulted.
  6. Tobacco use is not allowed at SFRC.  It should not be used in the building or on the property outside.  Cigarette butts and chew should not be left in the building or on the property outside.
  7. If SFRC staff believes that a visiting participant is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs during a visit or exchange, the visit or exchange may be canceled or police may be called to determine whether a parent is competent to drive.
  8. Possession of a weapon at a visit or exchange will result in termination of that visit and may jeopardize the participant’s future use of the program, at the discretion of the SFRC Director.
  9. Effort should be made to keep the visit positive and focused on the child(ren) and to avoid involving the child(ren) in legal or other issues that are adult responsibilities.
  10. All communication during visitation should be clear enough and loud enough that it can be clearly heard and understood by staff.  Whispering, low tones, or note passing is not allowed.
  11. Derogatory remarks in the presence of a child about a parent, guardian, foster parent, or any other person associated with the child(ren), visitation, or legal situation will not be tolerated.
  12. All requirements of any court order will be respected.  In general, court orders are orders to participants, rather than to SFRC.  An effort will be made to schedule as closely as possible to court orders, but it may not be possible to schedule specific times, days, or numbers of visits.
  13. Still cameras may be used with the permission of SFRC staff.  Tape recorders are not permitted.
  14. Visiting parents are responsible for parenting the child(ren) during visits.  SFRC staff will offer suggestions and assistance for the purpose of helping a parent to succeed.  Physical discipline, threats of physical discipline, and humiliation are not to be used.  The visiting parent is responsible for ensuring that toys are picked up and any spills or messes are cleaned up at the end of the visit.  The visiting parent is responsible for any damage to or destruction of SFRC property during the visit.
  15. The custodial parent will provide adequate clothing and care items for children to be used during the visit or exchange.  As visits or exchanges progress, the non-custodial parent may be asked to provide some or all of the clothing and care items at the discretion of SFRC staff, DFS, or other official entity.
  16. A child with a fever over 99.8 degrees, contagious rash, vomiting, diarrhea, or communicable disease should not be brought to SFRC for visits or exchanges.  Verification may be required for repeated cancellations.
  17. Non-custodial parents are not to discuss future gifts, vacations, visits at other locations, or plans for the child to live with the non-custodial parent unless there is a court order or DFS case plan specifying when and where this will happen.
  18. If the non-custodial parent wishes to bring another person with him/her to the visit, prior approval must be obtained from SFRC staff, and sometimes from DFS or the courts.
  19. Gifts may be brought to the visit for the child(ren) with SFRC staff approval.  Communication with the gift must be for the child(ren) only and may not address situations for which adults are responsible.  A gift to the other parent may be brought for special occasions to be given from the child, not the parent, and may not contain communication from the parent.
  20. Communication for the other parent or guardian should be related to the children's needs and should be given to SFRC staff for that person, rather than asking a child to pass it along.
  21. SFRC staff should be notified of any change in address, phone number, marital status, employment, or vehicle.
  22. SFRC is committed to helping families achieve the most positive outcomes possible in difficult situations.  Please contact the Family Visitation Coordinator or Executive Director at SFRC if you have concerns about visitation or exchanges.